Christa Cakes

by colormechrista

Okay, I really like to bake cakes, like a lot.  In High School, I would often peruse “The Cake Bible” for fun and my mom had to put a limit on my baking, allowing me to make only one cake a week.  So when a co-worker asked me to make a cake for her little girl’s 7th birthday party, of course I was all about it.  

Given the popularity of the new movie Frozen, I wasn’t that surprised to hear this was the chosen theme.  And here are the results:




For the mountains I simple covered ice cream cones in white chocolate and drenched them in teal cupcakes.  For the trees, I did my first trial with gum paste, using scissors to create the leaves.


They wanted a chocolate – chocolate cake, so I created the snow effect with more vanilla frosting on top, which was fun for me, though it did bring out my inner OCD. You just have to commit to it, because once you start, there is not re-do.

I made the blue ice candy following these instructions, only doing a half recipe.  It was easier than I thought it would be and the final result was fun. 

The final touch would just be adding the disney princess figurines I got from Target and Presto: Frozen Cake!!

My only regret is not adding an Olaf.